Roche Diagnostics - SFDC training

News, 01/06/2017

Roche Diagnostics Belgium makes an important contribution in terms of accessibility, quality and affordability of Belgian healthcare. They want to increase the efficiency of the care process by demonstrating the value of the diagnostics to all concerned. This value is created by providing products and services that have a significant impact on human health by detection, timely diagnosis, prognosis and follow-up of proper treatment. Roche Diagnostics is active in several domains:

  • Medical analyses: a wide range of reagents, advanced and automated systems to conduct medical analyses in hospital and private laboratories (chemistry, immunology, molecular biology, delocalized biology).
  • Diabetes: a range of self-control tools for blood sugar levels and insulin administration.
  • Histopathology: the latest technology to refine diagnosis so that they can be decisive for the oncologist's therapeutic decision.

A standardized Salesforce Sales template was deployed in Roche Diagnostics. Next to the provided documentation, Roche Diagnostics Belgium wanted to foresee extra training for their Sales people. Therefore, they were looking for an experienced Salesforce partner with the right pharma expertise.

We had the privilege to provide a two day CRM training to the fantastic Sales team of Roche Diagnostics in Belgium, Vilvoorde. The training was a combination of theory and hands-on exercises on Accounts, Contacts, Campaigns, Events, Orders, Reports and Dashboards.
This 2-day training facilitated the Roche Diagnostics Belgium on boarding to